Maria Antoniadou  

“They who have put out the people’s eyes, reproach them of their blindness”, John Milton, 1642
From topic selections and emphasis to the representation of everyday concerns, the framing and filtration processes in the mainstream mass media in Greece all have been converging in a phenomenal manner. Discourses and constructed narratives deployed in an orchestrated attempt at a legitimisation of the unjustifiable which for eight years has shaped opinion under the yoke of terror, in a controlled flow of information and formation of truisms. A relentless crescendo of victim blaming, censoring and incrimination while the majority of society was being autopsied. Could we conceive of a retransmission, which gives back the eyes to the people and exposes the nakedness of those who have tried to render them blind? Such is the notion of retransmission, a methodological appropriation of those normative means of transmission by which catastrophe and fear have been inflicted only to destroy the means in themselves.

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